Capacity building

Since its inception in the 1970s, TAMSAT's primary aim has been to build capacity in Africa to utilise satellite data. In the past, we worked directly with NHMSs to develop and implement local version of TAMSAT. The picture below shows David Grimes leading a calibration workshop in Ethiopia.

These days, we produce the estimates in the UK and focus our efforts on working with NHMSs and other stakeholders to utilise our rainfall estimates and drought forecasts in their own activities. During the Covid-19 pandemic, we shifted our capacity building initiatives online, via the new TAMSAT virtual academy. All TAMSAT virtual academy learning materials are freely available, and you are free to self register. 

We also run regular online and in person workshops and user forums, often in collaboration with regional meteorological services and the World Meteorological Organisation.

Currently, we have two courses available:

- TAMSAT satellite rainfall estimation and validation

- TAMSAT-ALERT training

Over the next months, we intend to add further courses.